Everyday, driven by the maxim: how can we do it better?

Our Culture

We are a purpose driven organisation that prioritises our people and culture. We are continually working on a range of cultural initiatives that will support our people in more ways than one. It is about understanding what is close to our people’s hearts, connecting and coming together. We want our people to feel part of something bigger than just their jobs but being on a journey to greater career opportunities, long term relationships and personal growth.


The best people to create values for a company are the people who the company values. Over 70 MMC staff across three workshops were engaged to come up with the following values which inform our behaviour and decision making on a daily basis:

  • We earn trust daily – Trusting in us is our clients’ decision. Proving that decision to be right is our daily practice.
  • We’re restless to improve – These days if you’re open for business you need to be open for improvement too. It’s always safe to assume there may be a better way.
  • We own the outcome together – Our strength is in the sum of us. Sharing our specialist knowledge, unique strengths and natural weaknesses makes us a better team.
  • We enjoy the ride – What’s around the corner is never constant but how we approach it can be. If we actively look for the good in what’s going on, chances are we’ll find it.


Our people find a way to do it better for our clients every day. So it is important to us that we not only recognise their efforts but ensure they are supported to balance their lives the way they want. We literally want them to enjoy the ride!

We offer a competitive range of benefits and initiatives to take care of our team, including physical wellness (e.g. Southern Cross insurance), financial wellbeing (e.g. extra KiwiSaver contributions) and lifestyle (e.g. long service leave and career breaks).

On top of our range of benefits and initiatives, we have regular company-wide activities like team fitness, quiz games, social events and celebrations.

Diversity and inclusion

MMC are an accredited employer with Immigration NZ and we are proud of our culturally diverse workplace. We encourage our people to bring their whole self to work and promote all the things that make us unique inside and out. We have around 30 different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds and we are growing!

Our aspiration is to achieve 50/50 gender equity across all levels of our business. We are delighted that our executive team reflects 66% female representation and overall our people are made up of 56% women. We have taken ownership of this together. It is shown that teams with a higher representation of women across all levels of a business perform better, and we believe recruiting and supporting women in the workplace through their careers with MMC will be instrumental to our long-term performance and success.

Learn directly from some of our female tech talent what it’s like to work at MMC in this article.


One size does not fit all and we strive to foster a high trust and results oriented culture.

We have a new appreciation for this since the COVID-19 lockdown working remotely, which was a valuable exercise to explore what we gain from in-person collaboration, and what we gain from high-trust flexible working. We encourage our people to protect their face-to-face time and connection, and we are fortunate to have a modern workspace in Auckland CBD where we come together to learn more about one another. One of our values really speaks to this specifically: we take ownership together.

Professional development

As a team we are restless to improve, so we attract and seek out people who will seize opportunities to grow. We have a track record of individuals developing in their careers within MMC, with many of our current leaders and experts having moved between roles and teams across our organisation.