We earn trust daily

Our Philosophy

We’re pretty clear about why we exist. It’s to set clients free from the day-to-day. Whether they’re managing KiwiSaver funds for many thousands of New Zealanders, or the personal wealth of individuals and families they’ve worked with for many years, our job is to clear the stuff that can get in the way of our clients achieving the best for their investors.

Our philosophy at MMC is to be service driven, enabled by technology.

How do we do it? We take the time to understand what’s unique about both our clients’ opportunities and their obstacles. Only then can we tailor solutions that support them and seamlessly integrate at the absolute heart of their businesses.

Properly appreciating how they work is core to our values-based culture, along with our responsiveness, open access to the right people, always being on the front-foot and taking things very personally.

That’s how we help power clients’ investment businesses so effectively, delivering streamlined processes, bespoke solutions and technical smarts to support day-to-day operations, compliance and reporting.

We are a grounded bunch. We could probably call ourselves a New Zealand business success story by now, but we’re quick to remember that without our clients’ success we’re just another investment services administrator droning on about partnership.

Restless to improve, we’re always ‘on’ for our clients, looking for ways we can keep them one step ahead. We’re receptive, invested and genuinely enthusiastic about taking all we can off their plates.


We believe in nurturing great talent
We believe in the power of talent and technology
We believe in investing in best practice
We believe in keeping one step ahead
We believe in earning trust daily