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Our Technology

MMC own, develop and maintain proprietary software that’s been designed with a focus on the New Zealand financial services sector and its legislative and regulatory environment – NeXus (Fund Administration) and Artios (Wealth Administration). Being in full control of our technology means we’re flexible and responsive to our clients’ requirements. This also sets us up to innovate.

Our internally developed applications utilise ‘state of the art’ Microsoft software tools. The applications have been developed utilising an architecture that’s highly scalable with a high degree of integration and availability. We’re always improving and upgrading our technology to meet new advancements in the IT industry.

With our platforms and portals residing in the Cloud, Microsoft Azure allows for a robust scalable solution with high resilience.

Our applications provide integrated functionality for MMC to provide and receive data that powers our services to clients, as well as the services our clients deliver direct to their investors. The global ecosystem includes entities such as Bloomberg, Interactive Data, Refinitv, DTCC, SWIFT, Calastone and Salesforce etc. just to name a few.

We make it easy for our clients and their internal and external developers to work with our technology through:

  • online step by step guides and Swagger documentation (see below) for user and API integration;
  • UAT testing environments for our platforms and our APIs;
  • a team of highly skilled developers to help support initial setup and ongoing maintenance; and
  • regular communication of API and infrastructure updates.

Our platforms, APIs and portals are developed and maintained by a team of over 7 squads, all practicing modern engineering techniques and fast lean/agile cycles with at least a weekly release cycle as we continue to improve our offering.

We also work with a range of partners, such as Lancom Technology and Microsoft, to ensure our technology continues to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

MMC's Developer Documentation